Friday, May 18, 2012

Almost there..

First let me apologize for not posting an update sooner. I went through a phase where I felt pretty discouraged. I never stopped pushing forward, not even for a second. But the hoops I've been jumping through and the redoing of documents that have been keeping me busy since January have felt very heavy.
Well, finally some good news :)
Our registration dossier is FINALLY complete, approved and in our babygirl's Country! It has been translated and should be submitted on Tuesday :)
If all goes smoothly we will know within the next 3 weeks when we get to go meet her. Our agency is guessing we will be traveling within the next 6 weeks :) :) :) Fiiiinalllly!
This news came at the most amazing time because just last week we finally received a letter from the United States Government saying that our adoption is approved in the U.S. and they have "determined that Shalee and Dustin Booker are able to furnish proper care if an orphan." This was such a wonderful moment for us in the process. Soon she will know how loved she is and how many people want her to come home :)
Stay tuned, folks. This is about to get very exciting :)


  1. WHOPPEE! So excited for you!

  2. You are always in my prayers!

  3. Oh YAY what great news! I see her on the website every time I go to peek at my own sweetie, and I think of you guys every time I see her wee face. You must be sooo excited!


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