Thursday, June 28, 2012

Away we go....

Well, after 9 long months (how appropriate) we have FINALLY received our invitation from Vika's country to come meet her and have our First Court hearing. Ohhhh Myyyyy Goooodness! We couldn't be more thrilled and can't wait to see her beautiful face. She will finally know that a family is within reach for her. This will only be the first of 3 trips required, but now is when the fun truly begins. We have some amazing fundraisers in the works...
The founder of Cahoots Duo Challenge wants to be in cahoots with Vika! They have offered all those who register using the promo code "Vika" $40 OFF their registration fees and they will match that by donating $40 to our adoption costs. Vika is a beautiful little 7 year old girl who has Down Syndrome. We are adopting her from Eastern Europe and saving her from a life cut short, spent in an adult mental institution. By joining this race, you are literally helping us to save her life.
Hurry and get your team registered! Join this AMAZING, new to Utah, mud/obstacle team race! Register at and remember to use the promo code "Vika"
Who wouldn't want to be a part of this amazing day (for a discount, I might add) and be saving the life at the same time?
What is Cahoots? When facing the chill wind of trial and adversity, a trusted friend is sometimes the only thing that can get us through.
The Cahoots Duo Challenge is a race series where you and a friend combine wits, strength, strategy and stamina to negotiate a barrage of nearly two dozen unique obstacles and challenges

COME ON UTAH!! Let's show Cahoots that Utah knows what it means to work together to do something truly amazing.

I will post more as things develop but the fact that we are finally going to be traveling is the good news I have been waiting to share for so long :)

Stay tuned... The best is yet to come.